Björn Heede

Björn Heede is a leading business coach and entrepreneur, an outstanding trainer and speaker.

His rise to success results from a deep inner knowing and him embodying self-empowerment.

Björn Heede launched his first business as a 16 year old boy. A few years later, he started working for SAP. Soon he became a business consultant and product manager. At the age of 23 he was already working as a business development manager. On his way to growth and personal fulfillment, he gained profound expertise in consulting, coaching and reverse engineering. As his skills and reputation grew, he decided to establish his own coaching business. Through his public speaking, Heede now inspires people around the globe.

In 2019 he lectured at the `Flow-Summit´, an online conference with over 140.000 attendees and speakers renowned worldwide, such as Deepak Chopra or the Dalai Lama. He will be one of the experts again this year.

Björn Heede has, what it takes, to help entrepreneurs reach their highest level – in terms of personal and financial goals. In his business coaching he introduces strategies, closely linked to intelligent time and energy management tools. He is known for his excellent work to help entrepreneurs practice clear prioritization, ongoing improvement and refinement. His way of business coaching has a deep impact on those, who are willing to transform.

Over 20.000 participants from 27+ different countries for his seminars and over 3.000 attendees for his online coaching programs have already chosen to do so.

JT Foxx, the world’s number one wealth coach and one of his mentors, calls Björn Heede an `amazing heart, who coaches people from the inside out´ and announced him as `the real deal´. He is so confident in Björns power as a speaker that he announced him as a co-speaker at 2020 world tour (among others New York and Dubai).

His driving force is to help others in creating their dream. Highly empathic he helps his clients to overcome obstacles and emotional difficulties.

Regardless, whether it is for companies or private clients, Björn Heedes success benefits from his holistic approach: energetic work, a positive and growth mindset – combined with the right amount of humour and sporty lightness.

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JT Foxx endorse Björn Heede

JT Foxx gilt weltweit als #1 Wohlstands Coach (laut GQ). Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak hat über ihn gesagt: „JT Foxx is the closest person I’ve ever met to Steve Jobs.“

JT Foxx über Björn Heede: „You will absolutely thank me if you get connected with him. .. He cares for his clients as much as I do. … I do not a lot of testimonials when it cames to coaches, because I can´t be responsible for the things they do, but this man I absolutely endorse because he is the real deal.“


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Björn Heede ist als Speaker und Trainer in vielen Ländern der Welt gefragt. Mit seinen Seminaren und Vorträgen begeisterte er bereits tausende Menschen. Erlebe Björn Heede auf einen seiner Events live! In vielen Städten kannst Du sogar kostenlos schnuppern!

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